Killing Machine

Killing Machine is a series of action short stories. Each is approximately 20 pages long.

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1. The Duel 

In THE DUEL, former CIA operative Theo Daniels goes looking for answers in a remote mansion in Northern California. But this is no millionaire’s playhouse. This is a training ground for an international clan of assassins. These men might claim to be the most lethal assassins on earth, but they’re about to proven wrong when they cross blades with the Killing Machine.

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2. The Chase

2chase jpgIn THE CHASE, Daniels finds himself on the run from the very same assassin who murdered his mentor. Racing down a hilly country road in pitch darkness on his souped-up motorcycle, Daniels is pursued by one of the most dangerous killers alive. The killer has a bigger vehicle, more firepower, and he’s gaining ground. Now the Killing Machine must overcome this enemy with no time to think of a plan.

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3. The Rescue

3RESCUE jpgIn THE RESCUE, Daniels is planning to steal information from a CIA field office, when someone else breaks in first. With this new threat holding several innocent office workers hostage, it’s up to Daniels to break in and save them.

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4. The Escape

4ESCAPE BG6 jpgIn THE ESCAPE, Daniels has been captured, tied up, and stripped of all weapons. Face-to-face with the man he has been hunting, he finds himself unable to get his revenge. That is, until he can get out of those ropes…

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5. The Revenge

5REVENGE jpgIn THE REVENGE, Daniels tracks down Ares, the man who ruined his life. In this shocking final confrontation, Daniels faces impossible choices as he comes face-to-face with one of the most psychotic people in the world.

Can Daniels get his vengeance without damning himself in the process?

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