The Hex Breaker Trilogy

The Hex Breaker’s Eyes

Small-town fifteen-year-old Mindee thinks she’s going crazy when she sees a girl from school glowing in the dark. When bad things start to happen around the glowing girl, it quickly becomes clear that what Mindee’s eyes can see is very real, and very dangerous.

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The Hex Breaker’s Heart

When the students of Laurier High start going crazy because of someone casting love spells, they need Mindee to save them, or else they’ll end up killing each other in a jealous rage. But she’s too busy being in “love” with a handsome young artist to even notice the danger.

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The Hex Breaker’s Soul

The final volume of the Hex breaker trilogy. While a team of invisible criminals go on a crime spree, Hex breaker Mindee Vefreet discovers a shocking connection to her own family that could threaten the free will of every soul on Earth. And one of those invisible people has followed Mindee to university, and knows where she lives…

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